Side effects of Disney

We all grow up watching Disney Movies,Animations and Cartoons.I hate to break this ugly truth to you,Disney has a negative impact on our lives.It has taken us away from the harsh realities of life.The all the fairy tales you grew up watching was actually kind of brain washing .I my self being a fan of Disney Movies ,now sucking up badly in Life.Here are few examples of my ruined life because of viral “Disney”.




Girls grew up watching Cinderella story thinking if they go out and dance with a total stranger he will fall in love with her and that total stranger will be Prince Charming.And he will follow her even if she has to leave the party after 12 am.But we neglect the reality that if the magic spell breaks after 12 am disappearing everything made from magic,but why didn’t her shoe disappear which was also made from the magic.


Aladin :

I grew up watching “Aladin ” and how it relates to my life and screw it. I explain,Aladin was a poor lad,he had no job,and Suddenly he fells in love with a beautiful Princess ,Like i did, Yes i have to call her beautiful otherwise my nose can break.So Aladin fell in love with beautiful Princess “Jasmine”.What was the turn around in Aladin’s life,and how did he merry Jasmine ? it was a Magic lamp,he just found the magic lamp,rub it and a Ghost name “Genie” came out of it and he fulfilled his 3 wishes.

And ever since i grew up and I’m like Aladin having no job,So i searched for Lamps to get married to my Princes,and tell you what,its been 2 years i have been rubbing lamps but not seeing any Genie.I even went to the Lamp shop and rub all of the lamps they had for for free thinking a Genie will appear but Alas! every time i rub a Lamp i only see my face like a ghost on the lamp.



Shrek :


Now that i have fallen in love with my Princess (since i grew up watching Disney channel) and i day dream all the time getting her,marrying her and having beautiful kids like at least a dozen ,So she never feel her stomach empty in her life and never ever feel lonely. But things are not the same.I watched Shrek and now i try to relate my life with this Ugly Oger. Having the believe now matter how much chubby or ugly you are ,you will have your Princess Fiona slim ,smart and beautiful like an Angel.She wont tell you “you are ugly and fat”, She will love you at 1st sight. But if it happens with you in reality,i bet she needs to checkup her eye sight if she is falling in love with you at 1st sight.And needs to wear specs. So i was telling no matter how much ugly and chubby you are,Your Princess who is smart and slim will fall in love with you .But here with me its Opposite,My Princess who is fat and chubby her self tells me to get slim and handsome. And Love ? i bet if my Princess Fiona reads it out she will break my hands 1st and then shot me in the head for thinking such a thing.So in Advance I’m inviting all of you to come to my funeral tomorrow at 12 pm .How sad ?i wont be able to utter my dying wish and will be murder by hands of Princess Fiona who is Mother of Taliban in reality.

The Princess and the Frog :

Just in case if i get lucky and Princess Fiona Doesnt kill me i tell you about Another fairy tale that will destroy my life. “The Princess and the Frog” Since my Princess grew up watching Disney movies,and she has watched this fairy tale too.Now when I’m gonna merry her,and when She will kiss me on lips in her head she will think about the fairy tale”The Princess and the Frog”and after she will stop Kissing me,she will stare at me thinking I will have turned into a handsome man from a Frog.But What actually gonna happen is ,When she gonna Kiss me and see me i will stay the same,So she will Kiss me again thinking now this time i will change into a Prince, But when she finished Kissing my Lips for the second time and see my face i will still be the same.She will try it for the 3rd time holding my face in her hands kissing with so much force and fear,and then she will stop, still holding my face in her hands and will gaze at my face,and i will still be the same .Suddenly she will be horrified and She will scream Loudly argggggggggggghaaaaaa .And then she will think that I’m some sort of evil spirit or ghost,and then she will try to hit me with things which are near her,she will take the pillow and hit me with that,then she will pick the glass and hit me in the head and i will fell unconscious and then she will murder me by putting the pillow on my face.So I will die on my Wedding night just because of stupid fairy tale made by Disney.


I can name many Disney Movies like Toy story,Mulan,Hercules, And so on but none of the Disney movies are true,These are just Fairy tales which are keeping us in fantasies and far away from the reality.In real life My Princess is not a Fiona, Repunzal ,Mulan or Jane or any of them,She is a just another beautiful Muslimah and the way she and reality is different from the Fairy tales makes it more Beautiful.Where she will get sick and you have to take care of her,Where she doesnt love you when you are watching football while her favorite drama is aired.She will start world war 3 against you.We got to face the reality and Live in it with Love .

I hate You ,not you my Princess I’m saying this to Disney,i don’t want to die.

(Note: None of the picture belong to me,all of them were taken from Google and i wrote this  post at the risk of my Life,before if i get kill i just want to say I love you all for reading it).

The Ar-Razzaq

When we are kids,we want to grow old soon.We dream all day when i get older i will chose to become a doctor and serve ill people,or i will become a solider and fight for my country,or i will like to be a fire fighter and will save people lives,and so on.But all those child hood dreams and professions are from heart for a true reason.But when we grow old, life changes.We don’t want to chose a profession for some heroic reasons but we chose it for living.

When we grow old with big “O” we get responsibilities as a growing old gift.In child hood we are been feed by our parents but when we become adults the things make a 180 degree turn.So now we have to feed our own selves we have to survive,we have to find a profession,a good profession by which we can live our lives peacefully,And in our society most of times people cant start their own family unless he is earning and we also want a profession to achieve strong status in society.

We get so messed up worrying about earning,keeping a status,providing for our families and responsibilities that we forget the difference between right and wrong,Halal and Haram. So we chose the wrong Binary no (0 and 1 are binary No’s).And we keep on sinking and sinking in bog until we are in it from head to toe.But this is more worst than sinking in a muck because in it you have a conscious that you will die if you go more in but here its different,We don’t have sense,we run out of inner fire that used to lit in us and we lost the conscious that  we are going to die,or we just become a Zombie.

Before you go diving in a pool of a “Quicksand” or you are already in it but you have decided to come up to save your life and waiting for the rope.No matter what,here is the rescue dawn.The only way you can be saved from the misery is believing in “Ar-Razzaq” the Sustainer,the Provider.It takes away your burden,the pressure of responsibility of providing knowing you are not the one who sustains and provides for the family it is he who is Providing.You are just a catalyst that can be replaced by some one else too if he wills.

How believing in Ar-Razzaq can Save us ?

1.In our Lives we give bribery to our upper authorities or there are situations when we feel bribery is our only way to survive.

2.When you feel worried about your family,you think when im gonna die who will provide for my family or when you feel worried im not earning yet how i will start a family.

3.When you are in a situation and you need a money,like if your mom or beloved one is in a hospital and you need a lot of money but to earn it you chose a wrong option,you go robbing a bank.

4.When you don’t offer your salah (Prayers) or you may lose a costumer.

5.When you are cheating in exams that you are worried about your grades and you think on bases of grades you will get a job and finally you will start earning.

6.When we are forced to accept bribery for the impotent person on the seat which belongs to some one else the deserving one and if we don’t accept that bribery we will lose the job.

7.When you stock alot of food when it is on 50 percent on sale etc.or when you listen the following food will go on shortage and you go on storing it for future.

In following above or other cases that can occur during life in which you are intented to adopt forbidden option you need to take a step back and reflect.By choosing the wrong option you are not sustaining your-self you are sinning.Do you know that the lil cub of a whale fish drinks around 600 litre of milk daily from her mother ? it is you who provide this much ?or which source in the depth of a sea can produce so much? verily it is Allah who makes milk in the Mother whale. And this is what Allah promises in Quran

Allah the Almighty is the best provider of sustenance”.
In another verse he says

 “Nay! Most surely man does trangress(all bounds).For he thinks himself Self-sufficent “(Surah Alaq: 6-7)

Your sustenance is the promise of Allah,the one who created you.and the Promise of Allah is eternal true.Your life is a test and in this test you are given situations in which you are given poverty,hunger and different trials but in all the tests you should remember Allah is with you,just put your trust in him,hes the one who provided you this long ,so he will provide you even in your trails.A hadith narrated by Umar ibne Khattab R.A “If you were to rely on Allah as he should be relied on,he would provide for you as he provides for the birds,they go out in the morning hungry and return in the evening full”[At-Tirmidhi]. 


Mothers are Super Heroes

We all watch superhero’s comics,cartoons and movies.Like Superman,X men,Power puff girls,Fantastic four,Captain America ,Wonder woman and So on.We imagine being like them,or imagine some one to be like them and be our hero. In the end of the day we know that they are not real .But what if i tell you about a super Hero who is real and exists in almost everyone’s life ? The real Super Hero are our Mothers.

 A Mom is more Powerful than a Superhero and yes she has her own Superpowers.Moms don’t fight crimes,At dark fight evil or things that you watch in Super-movies But they do the most difficult job on earth.1st ,just like Bodybuilders go bulking before the competitions,and then look Muscular,in Same way our moms do a kind of bulking but which is called getting pregnant :D then carrying extra weight for 9 months they are trained enough to be a Super Mom. No Super Hero can give birth ,Only a Mom can does such a Heroic thing.A Superman has never faced a broken bone but a Mom is a Real Super hero who go throw extreme pain during child-birth and yet she loves her Baby,its a real heroic thing.And what they do after becoming a Super mom? Well if you bring a Superman to hush up a little baby, he cant make him/her smile,he cant make it go to sleep,he cant feed it.A Superman cant go near Krypton but a Super Mom she doesn’t mind changing the diapers.And her Super powers are great.A kid don’t know how to talk and write but a Mom will know through her super powers that her kid is hungry or it needs some sleep.”Super Pillow ” is her another super power,If you are feeling tired but cannot sleep,just lay your head on her shoulder ,lap or chest and you will be lost in dreams. If you are hurt,broken and feeling depressed ,she will give you “Super-Hug” that will forget your Sorrows.

And what more good they can bring ? “if there are 5 people and 4 apples,Mom will say i never liked apples”(Ibne Seena ) .They give up their sleep,rest,appetite ,hobbies,friends,life and everything for us.They keep us warm,young and alive.And as long as our Moms are alive our days are save .Those who have lost Moms,may Allah bless them in heaven,and those who have moms,may Allah keep them long because nobody wants to lose a “Supermom” .
I Love my Super Hero,My Beloved Mom <3 .

Onions are Heart Breaker

Why do we cry ? when some one hurts us,or some one betray us,or Men will cry if some one kick them in balls.there are different reasons for crying.Some are tears of happiness too.The best definition of tears was explained in the film “City of angels ” .Where “Seth” is an angel asking a Doctor “Maggie” reason for crying.

Seth: Why do people cry?
Maggie: What do you mean?
Seth: I mean, what happens physically?
Maggie: Well… umm… tear ducts operate on a normal basis to lubricate and protect the eye and when you have an emotion they overact and create tears.
Seth: Why? Why do they overact?
Maggie: [pause] I don’t know.
Seth: Maybe… maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can’t contain it. Your mind and your feelings become too powerful, and your body weeps.
But keeping all this in mind,why we do we cry if we cut onions ? Are onions bad? Do they hurt us ? So many questions in my head now lead me to think,Onions are Heart Breakers. So if some one breaks your heart,makes you cry,that some one is also an Onion . What to do when you are in love with an Onion ? Onions make us cry,but also add taste in our food.Shall we Wear a Gas mask when next time see an Onion?
I hate Onions

I hate Onions



Gosh i Hate Onions.

What does Surah Fajr has to do in Out of Furnace?

Today i was Watching Hollywood release “Out of Furnace”. If you haven’t watched it,then say Allhamdulillah for not wasting your almost 2 hours.The Scenario in Movie doesn’t make any sense. Christane bale as “Russel baz” has a girlfriend.One day he drove the car after drinking and accidentally killed some one.and Went to Prison for several years.When he came out of the Prison then his girlfriend is Living with a Police Officer and he had made her pregnant.She is sincere to the police officer and loves him but on the other hand she wants to make love to Baz. and then it gets more weird.Baz brother gets murdered.And the same Police man came to Baz and told him the news.And at same night the police man with his girlfriend (ex gf of baz) came to baz home and had a dinner.and Now the same police man has taken the charge of Baz brother case. Seriously Hollywood? or Seriously America? two man sharing one women and every body is ok? Doesn’t make any sense.
Never the less,the Ironic thing about the film was that brother of Baz (who gets killed) is wearing a Tatto “Surah Fajr” which i find more offending. For what Purpose they shown it in a Movie ? what does surah Fajr has to do with your non sense Film.

What surah Fajr has to Do in this movie and why he even wearing this tattoo

What surah Fajr has to Do in this movie and why he even wearing this tattoo

Ask Only From Al-Mujeeb

God loves you and it is his love for you that you are reading this post.He Loves you more than your own parents.He loves you like a Mother who loves her lost kid when she finds her back.And the extent of his love is that he wants you to only ask from him, what ever you need,what ever you want.He Loves listening to your Supplications,your requests,your prayers,your needs and He instantly Responds to your call.And that’s why he calls him Self Al-Mujeeb which means “The Responsive “
But he doesn’t like it if one doesn’t ask him for anything,and Hurts him more when you go and ask your desires from a Non existing creature,or a mortal Living being who is created by Him.I donot wanna point out Christians and say why you ask from Santa Claus,while you can make your wishes to God who Loves you,Who created you.Instead im gonna Pull out flaws of our own society,We pray 5 times and a day and we say this more than 20 times a day
“It is You we worship and You we ask for help”
and yet we go to Temples and Shrines and ask help from Dead,or We go doing Black magic,We go to a Peer and kneel Down before him and do Shirk.What is it that the Lord of the heavens and the earth cannot do but that Dead or who ever you are asking from can do for you ? He loves you,and he is watching you,He is with you no matter in which state you are,just ask him.Tell him what you need,Beg to him,plead to him he will Love it.
Your Lord has not taken leave of you,nor has He detested [you]. ”  Quran 93:3/

“Invoke your Lord with humility and in secret.  (Qur’an 7: 55)

“Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him…” (Qur’an, 27:62)

“And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you; surely those who are too proud for My service shall soon enter hell abased” Chapter (40) sūrat ghāfir (The Forgiver God)

Ask him and he will give you,and If you say him thanks he will Increase for you.And its his promise,and the Promise of God is ever true.Ask him like a two years kid,He accepts supplications which are from heart.